King Buffalo

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King Buffalo. A band I discovered on announcement of DesertFest Berlin 2018.


They just released Repeater EP back then.

Their musical style is a cross between stoner and psychedelic rock which I personally call mountain rock.

When I listen to their music, I am transported to mid-western plains with mountains in background and as I am there, there is a feeling of unity and synergy with mountains, earth, sky, the sun, time and space. I feel as I’m turning into a mountain. Big, solid, timeless.

As my eyes are closed the drums and bass form a wave of earth’s vibration – a solid foundation – and a trippy guitar creates a sound of life – voice of rivers, sound of wind in the trees.

By some magic accident I bumped into these three guys on the street of Berlin near the venue and had some beers with them. Really humble guys from New York state just starting to discover the world.

A few months ago they released their new album – Longing to be a Mountain (YouTube , Spotify) and it makes my soundtrack for a morning coffee on Tenerife island with a window view to a beautiful mountain.

My favorites from the new album are Morning Song and the title track. First one starts with acoustic guitar and has a chill hippy sound of the 60s turning into psychedelic riffs of the 70s.

Longing to be a Mountain is quite trippy and might match taste of people fond of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. Its intro reminds of Kubrick’s Space Odyssey monolith scene.

Somehow one of my favorites from their first album is called… Monolith 🙂


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